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G S Haydon Joinery Devon

G S Haydon are a Devon based joinery business that have completed many outdoor projects in wood including exterior balconies, exterior wooden doors and hardwood conservatories. The nature of their locality means that G S Haydon have created lots of beautiful structures for garden and outdoor projects for traditional Devon homes and gardens. Being lucky enough to be based in North Devon, where there are a large number of homes subject to preservation orders, there is a demand for building exterior features in wood to maintain the structural integrity of a property and to retain the character of a property.

The great range of projects include custom made hardwood exterior gates and doors such as those below that site beside traditional lime and stone pillars that are typical of the construction techniques used in the many buildings constructed before the 20th centruy. Using the best traditional hardwoods, these gates will last decades with minimal treatment and care requirements and are cosntructed using methods handed down over generations. In fact, the Haydon joinery business was started in the 1920's and still remains today owned and operated by the Haydon family using techniques that have been taught through the generations. It is this rich heritage that sets G S Haydon apart from other joinery companies and ensures that all of their projects are built to the highest standards by expert joiners.

One of the most popular products that G S Haydon produce for clients are their external hardwood stable doors. A stable door is a door that splits into 2 sections, top and bottom, so that you can have one half closed and one half open. This style of door was traditionally very popular, especially in the farms of Devon. Having the bottom closed and the top open allowed fresh air to filter around an older property and prevent the farm animals entering a house. That might seem extreme but older properties, especially those made of stone and lime, need air movement to prevent damp spots and to allow the structures to breathe. G S Haydon have made a wide range of the highest qualty external wooden stable doors that retain the chaaracter of a proerty and are built to last many decades with minimum upkeep.

You can see from the images here that if you want a high quality external structural component for your house, the quality produced by G S Haydon is clear to see. From traditional gothic gates, sash wood windows made in Devon, hardwood conservatories or even slim double glazing with wood frames, the quality of the crafstmanship is exceptional. Secret garden doors in oak and traditional window shutters for homes by the sea, if you require a high quality product, G S Haydon can make it. They are not just restricted to traditional designs, G S Haydon are often commissioned to manufacture modern exterior doors and windows the look beautiful in contemporary buildings that are environmentally friendly and look amazing.

If you are looking for high quality exterior wooden strucutral products like stable doors, gates, exterior doors, traditional wooden windows, contact G S Haydon in Devon. All wooden products are made by skilled craftsmen to the highest quality standards with specific expertise in stable doors and windows. The contact information is below and all questions are welcomed.

GS Haydon & Son
The Workshop, Pathfields Business Park
South Molton
EX36 3LH
T: 01769 572134






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Common questions asked about

1. What types of windows do you offer?

We offer a variety of windows, including remote casement windows, sliding sash windows, and stormproof windows. Our windows are made with quality craftsmanship and can be customized to fit your specific needs and style preferences. Whether you're looking for traditional or modern windows, we have options to suit every home.

2. What types of doors do you provide?

We provide a range of doors, including bi-fold doors, entrance doors, interior doors, ledged and braced doors, lift and slide doors, and stable doors. Our doors are made with the same attention to detail and quality as our windows, ensuring durability and style. Whether you need a new front door or interior doors for your home, we have options to enhance your space.

3. Do you offer staircases?

Yes, we offer a variety of staircases, including straight stairs, winder staircases, and wreathed and curved stairs. Our staircases are crafted with precision and can be customized to fit your space and design preferences. Whether you're building a new home or renovating an existing one, our staircases can add a touch of elegance and functionality to your interior.

4. Do you provide joinery repairs?

Yes, we offer joinery repairs to help restore and maintain the quality of your wooden products. Our experienced craftsmen can assess the damage and provide the necessary repairs to ensure the longevity of your joinery. Whether it's a window, door, or staircase, we can help bring it back to its original condition.

5. Do you offer tool sharpening services?

Yes, we offer tool sharpening services to keep your tools in optimal condition. Our skilled technicians can sharpen a variety of tools, including saw blades, chisels, and plane irons. Sharp tools not only improve efficiency but also ensure safer and more precise work. Trust us to sharpen your tools and extend their lifespan.

Some reasons to choose

Quality Joinery

G S Haydon & Son Ltd is committed to producing high-quality joinery products. They have been in the joinery business for nearly 100 years and have built a reputation for their craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Long-standing Family Business

Being run by the same family since the 1920s, G S Haydon & Son Ltd has a long-standing history and experience in the joinery industry. This family-owned business brings a sense of tradition and reliability to their work.

Excellent Customer Relations

G S Haydon & Son Ltd prides itself on maintaining excellent relations with their customers. They value their relationships with private customers, tradespeople, and architects. This commitment to customer satisfaction ensures a positive experience for all clients.

Wide Range of Products

G S Haydon & Son Ltd offers a diverse range of wooden products. From casement windows to bi-fold doors, they have a variety of options to suit different needs and styles. Their extensive product range allows customers to find the perfect solution for their joinery needs.

Local Supply

G S Haydon & Son Ltd has been supplying wooden products within South Molton in Devon for nearly 100 years. They have established themselves as a trusted local supplier within the Exmoor, Dartmoor, Devon, and Somerset areas. This local presence ensures convenient access to their high-quality joinery products.'
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UK (South Molton) based business - established in 1926 - providing wooden windows, doors and stairs amongst other home fixtures. Website includes details of services provided, work examples, blog, full contact details. reviewer
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The Workshop
Pathfields Business Park
South Molton
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